Medium Intensity Type B Solar Aviation Obstruction Light


 GS-MS/S Solar Aviation Obstruction Light adopts the solar panel which with lower intensity of illumination and higher efficiency,co-operate with dedicated lithium iron phosphate battery as power supply.The battery adopts advance power management system ,which can provide good protection when battery ’s voltage and temperature too high or too low ,so it can improve the battery’s service life efficiently .

 Controlling circuit adopts micro-power consumption,which reduce controlling circuit ’s power consumption ;Light source adopts high efficient LED chip ,which has the specific of high light intensity ,low power consumption ,long service life and so on .

Product’s shell adopts SUS304 stainless steel material that has the specific of light weight and corrosion insistence .It’s very convenient for installation and transportation .

Lampshade adopts PC material ,which can corrosion resistance ,anti-UV anti-shock .

 Function & Features

  1. Continuous working time in rainy day can reach more than 15 days. (10 hours a day)
  2. Photocell can switch ON/OFF the light in rainy days or at night automatically.
  3. Standardization of optical design, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
  4. Double light source design, it can improve service life for times and safety.
  5. Special LED chips with brightness,high conversion efficient and long life.
  6. Provide ability of lightning protection, light fastness, resist snow and rain.
  7. LED technology, working stable, save cost of maintain.
  8. Internal use renewable solar dedicated lead-acid battery, service life can reach more than 2 years.
  9. Can customize lithium iron phosphate battery to improve service life and working temperature range.

Usage notice

  1. Please read the instruction carefully and then use the device correctly.
  2. Solar powered Aviation obstruction light must be installed in a sunny place to keep it working continuously.
  3. Please install this light on the Installation plane that perpendicular to light axis, installation plane should has mechanical strength.
  4. If the device fails to work at the first using time, please place the device under sunlight to recharge power 12hours, it will work.
  5. Please turn off the device and put it in a sunlight for 5day(s) to recharge power each 3 months if it needs to be stored for a long time.
  6. If there any other problem please contact us.





Light source life


Light source


Power supply

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Battery capacity


Battery type

Lead-acid battery

Battery life


Solar panel power


Solar panel voltage


Solar panel life


Power consumption:


Vertical divergence


Horizontal out-put


Visual range


FAA classify


Overall size(mm)


Installation size(mm)




Emitting color


Storage temperature:


Working temperature


Wind  load:


Working mode

Flashing 20times/min

Light intensity


Protection Standard


Continuous working time

15days(10hours a day)

Optically Controlled Ambient Brightness

  1. Block
  2. Airport
  3. High Mast lamp
  4. Chimney
  5. Telecom towers
  6. Bridge
  7. High-rise Buildings

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