GS-LS/C-4S LED Solar Powered Beacon Light

GS-LS/C-4S LED Solar Powered Marine Lanterns adopts the solar panel which with lower intensity of illumination and higher efficiency, co-operate with dedicated lead-acid battery as power supply. Advanced power management system will be used to charge the power in a comprehensive protection in order to save the service life of battery when it is under the condition of short-voltage or over-voltage or its temperature is too high or too low.


GS-LS/C-4S LED Solar Powered Marine Lanterns used advanced structure design ,adopts 4 groups  of  solar panels which can

angle adjustable and high efficiently ,cooperate with solar dedicated battery as power supply.Advanced power management

system will be used to charge the power in a comprehensive protection in order to save the service life of  battery when

it is under the condition of short-voltage or over-voltage or its temperature is too high or too low.

Management  circuits adopt with  low power dissipation control chip,which can reduce circuit power dissipation .

The light source adopts imported LED chip,which has specific of high intensity ,low power dissipation ,long life and so on

This product adopt with 316L Stainless Steel Materials and stoving varnish,it is very convenient for installation

and transportation

Lampshade adopt with PC material ,which can resist corrosion ,anti-UV ,anti-shock an so on.


  1. Micro power consumption control chip, can control the energy consumption from itself.
  2. Imported LED chip, high luminous intensity, low energy consumption, long life and other characteristics.
  3. Continuous working time in rainy day can reach more than 15 days. (10 hours a day)
  4. Photocell can switch ON/OFF the light in rainy days or at night automatically.
  5. Standardization of optical design, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
  6. Provide shock resistance, lightning-proof, sunlight resistance, rain and snow resistance;
  7. Base on LED technology, its color complies with IALA Recommendations E-200-1.
  8. Replaceable sealed lead-acid battery which service life can reach more than 2 years long.
  9. GPS synchronizing function.
  10. Bird spike against bird drop.
  11. No radio frequency (RF), no electromagnetic interference.
  12. Working stability, cost-saving.
  13. 316L stainless steel material baked with lacquer cover, provides lightest body, good corrosion resistance, extremely reliable, easy for transportation and installation.
  14. PC material cover, with UV resistance, shockproof and corrosion proof, etc.
  15. Adjustable all quarters solar panels design for better absorb the sunlight which has reached advanced International level.
Name Parameter Name Parameter
Type GS-LS/C-4S Light Source Life >100000 hours
Power Provider Mono-crystalline silicon solar panel Optional Emitting Light Colors Red, Amber Yellow, Green, Blue, White
Battery Capacity 12V12AH Battery Type Sealed lead acid battery
Power Consumption ≤5W Vertical Divergence >7°
Visual Range 1~6 mile(s) Horizontal Out-put 360°
 Light Intensity / Overall Size(mm) 220 by 220 by 470
 Light Source LED Installation Size(mm) 160 by 160 by M10
Ambient Temperature -40℃~70℃ Wind-speed Ability 80m/s
Weight 8.5kg IP Protection IP65
Continuous Burning Time >15 days(10 hours a day) Sun Switch Illumination Threshold 300LUX±100LUX

Light Characteristics

Flash Mode ON OFF
  • sea buoy
  • Hanoi
  • beacon
  • fixed light pile
  • offshore oilfield derrick lights, etc.

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