Helipad Lighting

heliport helipad lighting

GS-LS/L Low intensity Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light

this aircraft warning light adopts insert high efficient solar panels integrated design,cooperate with solar dedicated lithium iron phosphate battery as power supply.

GS-HP/W L-806 Heliport/Airport Lighted Wind Cone Windsock With Light

This product used as airport landing indicator. Standard is compliance with requirement FAA, AC150/5345-27C,L-806 and ICAO.

GS-HP/L Solar Powered Heliport Steady Burn Lead-in Approach Light

adopts SUS304 stainless steel material,light source is optional, LED and Xenon lamp.

GS-HP/I Heliport TLOF & FATO Insert Perimeter & Taxiway Centerline Light

Its inner adopt LED light resource and cooperate with advanced optical glass design ,Irritation accord with FAA standard .

GS-HP/F Heliport LED Surface Flood Light

Protection standard is IP65. Light source uses LED with high-efficiency and low-consumption.

GS-HP/E Heliport TLOF & FATO Elevated Perimeter Light

it's adopts LED Light technology,the service life is above 10years ,lampshade adopts PC material injection moulding.

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